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Reviews for KI Martial Arts Mundelein, IL


“Great staff. Great instructors. Great masters. The after school is excellent. They have wonderful activities for the kids and tutors to help with any homework issues. The taekwondo class is wonderful. The instructors/ masters really care for their students, push them to succeed and guide them to self-discipline and focus. I wouldn’t trade our experience with KI for anything.”
Anthony Herrera
student dad

“We brought our 3 and 5 year old sons for trial visit. They loved the class. We signed them up right after the class. Everyone there was very nice and helpful. Looking forward to a long time relationship with the people at KI Martial Arts. Thank you.”
Beverly Giarrante
student mom

“KI Martial Arts has an awesome after school program. All of the staff are amazing and have helped my son build his confidence.”
Faith Miedema Nobile
Student MOM
Best place ever!! My boys love it!!
Atur Blasco
Atur Blasco
All the masters and stuff members are very nice and their teaching standards are very high. My daughter likes KI MARTIAL Arts very much.
Gattu Srilakshmi
Gattu Srilakshmi
My own experience - KI MARTIAL ART SCHOOL in Mundeline Illinois is the greatest school I ever signed in. The Masters and Instructors with high potential and professionalism in teaching the beginners and oldest students, they are not wasting their time. This is my third Martial Art school in lake county Illinois and I can tell the difference and professionalism of the KI Martial Art in Mundeline Illinois and my two previous "Martial Art" schools in lake county Illinois - and absolutely !!! There is no comperation
M. A. Obr.
M. A. Obr.
Master Antonio was awesome and so welcoming! My daughter had a blast!
Jen Schultz
Jen Schultz
Great family center to do Martial Arts!
Dean L.
Dean L.
Very happy with everything they are doing to keep our kids SAFE!
John Wykowski
John Wykowski

“Really Really nice place for all ages, but for the kids even better. Life learning skills, preparation on building better adult citizens for our future.”
Jeremy Kim

“Amazing place. My son takes lessons and he went to the summer camp. Staff is amazing.
Stephanie Jakimczyk
student Mom

“KI Martial Arts school is the BEST! My son’s been going there for over a year (Green belt right now), and he LOVES it! Great facility, AMAZING instructors and team, affordable prices. They’re not only teaching kids taekwondo, they also teaching them respect, patience, understanding, discipline, success, moving forward and so much more! My son’s changed a LOT. Before he was having problems with expressing his ideas verbally (because he was trying to talk too fast) or connecting with other kids (finding ways to start a conversation with other kids), but after going to KI Martial Arts school in Mundelein, IL he became more patient that helped him to build his ideas in his head and explain them without a hurry, he found so many new friends (seriously, we are booked for the next 2 weeks for paly dates). I highly recommend this school. We LOVE it! I could continue writing great things about this school. Because there are so MANY!”
Larisa Shusterman
student Mom

“When I pick my child up from the after school problem, she’s happy and excited to tell me what she learned. What could be better than that? They’re constantly improving their program and facilities.”
Molly Doron
student mom

KI Martial Arts

Although many people think the martial arts are just about fighting, the truth is that the physical “kicking and punching” are really just the tools that we use to teach the more important, and MUCH more valuable lessons about yourself.

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